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Living in Blessing

New Way of Blessing 1New Way of Blessing 2Harvesting Your Desires


Curriculum for This Course

Harvesting Your Desires Study Course

Lectures Available For This Course

Section 01 - Introduction and Step 1

Lecture No 1. Chapter 01 � Introduction
Lecture No 2. Chapter 02 - Step 1: Develop a Core Desire

Section 02 � Step 2: Know Your Rights

Lecture No 3. Chapter 03 - Stand on the Word

Section 03 – Step 3: Prepare Your Ground

Lecture No 4. Chapter 04 – Hard Soil and Soil With Stones
Lecture No 5. Chapter 05 - Soil With Weeds in it

Section 04 – Step 4: Sow and Water

Lecture No 6. Chapter 06 – Using Words and Actions

Section 05 � Steps 5 to 7: Protect, Grow and Reap

Lecture No 7. Chapter 07 � Steps 5 and 6: Protect and Grow Your Harvest
Lecture No 8. Chapter 08 – Step 7: Reap Your Harvest

New Way of Blessing 1 Study Course

Lectures Available For This Course

The Way of Blessing

Lecture No 1. Blessing is Part of Us
Lecture No 2. Types of Blessing
Lecture No 3. You Can Walk in Blessing

Laws of the Spirit

Lecture No 4. Four Spiritual Laws
Lecture No 5. Man's Power in the Earth

Words and Actions

Lecture No 6. Tap into the Power
Lecture No 7. Using Words and Actions

Spiritual Forces

Lecture No 8. Functions of the Spirit
Lecture No 9. The Power of Faith
Lecture No 10. The Power of Love and Hope

The Force of Faith

Lecture No 11. Misconceptions About Faith
Lecture No 12. What Faith Involves
Lecture No 13. How to Enhance Your Faith
Lecture No 14. How to Develop Your Faith

Building Spiritual Templates

Lecture No 15. What Templates Are
Lecture No 16. Creating Positive Templates
Lecture No 17. How to Use the Word

Section 07 - Releasing Spiritual Forces

Lecture No 18. Chapter 18 - Star Trek and Laser Beams
Lecture No 19. Chapter 19 - Releasing it at the Right Time
Lecture No 20. Chapter 20 - Scriptural Examples

Section 08 - Dealing With Curses

Lecture No 21. Chapter 21 - Blessing Not Always Constant
Lecture No 22. Chapter 22 - Mans Power in the Earth
Lecture No 23. Chapter 23 - How to Deal With Curses

New Way of Blessing 2 Study Course

Lectures Available For This Course

Spiritual Transmutation

Lecture No 1. Your Heavenly Bank Account
Lecture No 2. Depositing into Your Bank Account
Lecture No 3. Withdrawing from Your Bank Account
Lecture No 4. How to Transmute

Ministry of Angels

Lecture No 5. How Angels Manifest
Lecture No 6. The Angels of Heaven
Lecture No 7. Personal Guardian Angels

Dealing With Demons

Lecture No 8. Spiritual Forces of Darkness
Lecture No 9. Spiritual Wickedness
Lecture No 10. Prophetic Intercessors

Receiving Healing

Lecture No 11. God Wants You to Be Healthy
Lecture No 12. Why Healing is Blocked
Lecture No 13. The Power of Speech and Health
Lecture No 14. How to Heal Others

Walking in Prosperity

Lecture No 15. God Wants You to Prosper
Lecture No 16. How to Invest in Time
Lecture No 17. How to Invest Financially
Lecture No 18. Getting Returns on Your Investment

Spiritual Birthing

Lecture No 19. Starting With Conception
Lecture No 20. Having a Healthy Pregnancy
Lecture No 21. Preparing for the Birth

The Force of Love

Lecture No 22. The Necessity for Love
Lecture No 23. The Performance of Love
Lecture No 24. The Power of Love
Lecture No 25. How Love Operates

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